Three Ways To Improve Public Transportation In The Us

Since the emergence of cars and other transportation means, America has increasingly relied on the construction of highways as its primary mode of transportation. Soon the country had to face the repercussions of a highway system because it doesn’t meet the demands of all its citizens.

Additionally, the lack of engagement of state officials to oversee how public transportation funding is spent creates further issues and denies the implementation of a unified vision for transportation. However, there are still steps that should be considered, which will improve public transportation and infrastructure program.

Repairs and maintenance should go before construction projects

Based on current laws, DOTs aren’t obligated to spend any federal funding they get for transportation projects on maintenance and repair. Given the case, the government should create separate funding for maintenance and repairs, or create a competitive program that will offer them thoughtful approaches to tackle the challenges they face every day.

Transportation In The Us

Also, to encourage other modes of transportation the USDOT’s program, the TIGER should be focused on maintenance and find alternative ways to meet transportation needs. Funding new projects should be based on whether or not the communities are maintaining their existing transportation infrastructure.

Focus more on alternative modes of movement

Even though all DOT’s funds are used to build and expand highways, the revenue that is gathered for non-highways is usually challenging to raise. In this case, the numerous forms of alternative forms of movement are neglected, which creates additional issues.

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The construction of highways is connected to the coordination of land use. That’s why it’s crucial that local municipalities, state DOTs MPOs, and transit agencies combine their efforts and to diversify modes of travel. This will reduce the traffic jams and enable everyone to arrive at their destination on time.

Provide rewards for innovations

Considering the Federal Highway Administration MAP-21 regulation, 12 performance areas should be measured to criterion how state, MPOs, and transit agencies use their funds. When they fail to meet the target, then they should lose a portion of their funds and report faults to the public.


Additionally, to follow the effects of MAP-21, especially on transportation, federal transportation funding should monitor and examine its influence on job creation and growth. Once public transportation guidelines are prioritized, the administration should publicly praise and reward those who met their expectations and target and provide additional financial recourses.