The Best Solutions To Improve Our Public Transit

When we are talking with passengers on the bus lines around the world, we are always impressed with the number or different answers we get on how to improve public transportation. It has always amazed me how countries such as Japan or South Korean managed to solve this problem. Their culture doesn’t tolerate being late; it’s considered to be a sign of disrespect.

On the other hand, the American nation is facing massive public transportation issues, roads are jammed continuously, people are always late, and somehow the state officials don’t see a possible solution.

Bus frequency

When looking for ways to boost public transportation, first and furthermore, passengers want frequent rides. You would be surprised that speed isn’t an issue for the majority of riders. For example, if you are waiting for downtown in the rain, or on some suburban backstreet, people want to know that ride will arrive soon, preferably in less than 15 minutes.

Train Transportation

The wait is one of the most significant problems, and it’s a part of the transportation cycle. Even if the bus is fast, when you arrive at the curb and start waiting for the transportation to pick you up, that’s when the problems begin.

Incorporate an efficient bus tracking system

One of the ways to improve transportation efficiency is to boost the transit ticketing system. The ticketing systems need to be fast and to react quickly so they can load and unload passenger promptly. Tap and go should be rule for bus fares, not tap, wait, and go.

This distinct difference might be a couple of seconds in duration, but, it’s quite noticeable when a large number of people tries to get on board. The inefficient ticketing system will slow down the traffic even more.

Passenger comfort

People want comfortable buses that can accommodate as many passengers as possible. Face-to-face seating isn’t that comfortable, especially when you are knee-to-knee in a confined space. It creates awkward moments between strangers.

On the other hand, providing smooth, quiet, and spacious buses can play a significant role in reducing the stress and anxiety of public transportation experience.