Biking In The City Of New York

New York is one of the most populous cities around the world. That also means that there’s a lot of people trying to get in and around the city. While the Boring Company’s tunnel system is still in the works, there are other alternatives to riding a car.

Aside from your private car, a cab and rentals, there are a few other ways to commute and go around the city. One of them is to ride your bike.

A Biker Friendly City

With the layout of Manhattan’s streets, many choose to walk especially if their destination isn’t that far. Additionally, bike lanes and routes have also been added throughout the city in the past years.

Biking is becoming a popular way to commute in the city. For locals, it saves them from traffic. Additionally, biking is also great for tourists and visitors who wish to do some sightseeing while on their way.

If you haven’t tried biking in the city, let us help you. In this post, we will guide you from getting a bike to recommending routes you can take.

Grab A Bike

If you plan to permanently use a bike to commute, you can purchase one for your personal use. But if you’re still not sure whether you’ll love biking in the city, you can rent out a bike to try it out.

There are ride-sharing programs available and you can choose from various offers. You can take the 30-minute pass if you just need to get to somewhere or you can ride all day with the one-day pass. There is also a three-day pass that’s perfect for those who are visiting the city for a weekend.

Apart from ride-sharing companies, other local businesses also offer daily and weekly bike rentals. You may even come across some people handing out flyers about bike rentals on your visit to central park. Just be careful with them and check their reputation online first to make sure they are legit.

Biking Safety

It’s always best to be alert when biking in urban areas especially when near busy roads. As a biker, you should also watch out for parked cars that could suddenly open their door. Also, be very careful at intersections and pedestrian lanes.

Whenever biking, remember that the same rules on the road apply to bikers. So don’t go on a red light or else you’d also be given a ticket. Make sure you also go with the traffic flow to avoid accidents.

Bike lanes and designated areas are present throughout the city so you shouldn’t ride on sidewalks. Reserve those for people who are walking. Helmets aren’t required but it is best to wear them because you’ll never know when an accident might occur.

When riding your bike, also make sure you don’t use any devices like phones or music players. Even if you’re only using one earbud, it can still decrease your concentration.

The Routes

There are different routes you can take depending on where you’re coming from and where you want to go. If it’s your first time riding around the city, we advise you to take these two routes so you can explore the city while enjoying scenic sites.

1. Central Park Loop – This is a scenic route that goes around the largest park in Manhattan. It extends for 6 miles and starts and ends at the Columbus Circle. You can complete riding through this loop in less than an hour if you take the straight route. You can also take your time and explore various park attractions while on your way.

2. Brooklyn Greenway – This is one of the newest paths created in the city. Starting from Atlantic Avenue, it goes through Brooklyn Bridge Park. It extends to some local streets and then to the Brooklyn Navy Yard where it connects to a dedicated bike lane that reaches the Williamsburg Bridge. You’d also pass by Kent Avenue’s bike lane and Franklin Avenue until you reach Greenpoint. There are lots of scenic areas where you can stop and take some Instagram worthy pictures.