Challenges Of A Driverless Bus System

Automated and connected public transport has many benefits and when it comes to automation of public transport, the technology we have today is looking more likely into metros and trains. Although buses are also part of the public transport system, they can be more challenging to fully automate when we talk about driverless busses. However, there are other ways to automate the bus systems.

Bus Automation

The current bus system can be automated in a variety of ways, one of them is through the use of voiceovers on bus stops. Instead of manually announcing them, voiceovers are recorded and automatically played depending on the schedule. Another form of automation for the public bus system is the real-time updates of bus schedules.

The Challenge With Automated Buses

For the time being, this is only what can be done today. Further automation and fully automated models are still in the works. Those who are researching them are facing a few challenges such as the following:

Navigation Challenge

One of the main challenges of automated buses is navigation. The city streets are complex and it can be difficult to navigate through them. Researches and tests are being conducted to see whether it is really possible to automate buses. They combine technologies such as GPS, radars, as well as obstacle-avoidance technology.

Financial Challenge

Of course, there’s also a challenge on the financial side. The creation and testing of prototypes will cost money. Furthermore, revisions also cost some money so that adjustments can be made and improvements can be developed. Then there are re-tests to be made, which will also burn more dollars. In the end, the technology looks promising but the initial cost today is a challenge.

Cultural And Behavioral Challenge

Another hurdle in the bus automation system is the cultural and behavioral aspects. Automation of public transport is new technology and that means it can still take time for the public to embrace and accept it.

Integration Challenge

Public streets and other forms of public transport already exist in the cities today. Another challenge is how to integrate the automated bus system with the existing system. They need to figure out the use of existing infrastructure or the construction of new ones depending on the need.


When it comes to automation of public transport, the bus industry is one of the challenging markets to tap into. There are various challenges and hurdles before the bus system can be fully automated. Nevertheless, the future looks promising with automated bus systems.