Have You Tried The NYC Ferry?

We all know that New York City is one of the busiest cities in the world. There are many ways on how you can get around even if you don’t have your own private car. Among the most popular public transportation systems in NYC are the busses and subway. However, there is another way to get around and that is through the NYC Ferry. Have you ever tried commuting through the NYC Ferry?

The NYC Ferry System

Riding the NYC Ferry is a great way to travel. About 6.3 million people used it in 2019. Currently, it has six routes, which connect neighborhoods like the Rockaways, Queens, Staten Island, Lower East Side, and Manhattan to name a few. The six routes are as follows:

  • East River Route
  • South Brooklyn Route
  • St. George Route
  • Astoria Route
  • Rockaway Route
  • Soundview Route

The main hub is Pier 11/ Wall Street. This is where all the lines meet. It is also there that the South Brooklyn and East River Routes connect to Governors Island during summer weekends.

How Long Do Rides Take?

The ferry ride will depend on what route you are taking. For short routes like the Lower East Side one, which is the shortest, it will take about 35 minutes. Longer distances like those for Rockaways to Wall Street will take about an hour.

Ferry Ride Cost And Tickets

The cost of riding a one-way fare on the NYC ferry costs $2.75. It is the same fare you’d be paying if you use the subway. If you regularly commute by ferry, there is a 30-day pass that costs $121.

You can even bring your bike onboard. However, it will cost an additional $1 to bring it per day. That totals to $141 for 30 days with your bike onboard.

Tickets are available at vending machines. There are also ticket agents that can help you. However, if you want the most convenient way to get tickets is to simply download the ferry app on your phone. From there, you can purchase tickets. Plus, you can see the ferry schedule through the app. Online purchase of tickets through the website is also available.

What Is The Seating Capacity Of The Ferry Boats?

That would vary from one ferry to another. There are boats that have a 150-passenger capacity while there are others with a larger one that could fit up to 350 passengers. While riding the ferry, you are welcome to use charging stations and free WiFi. They also have snacks, beverages, beer, wine, and coffee available.