Hello, and welcome to my website!

My name is Bobbi, and I am a graduate student at the Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, GA. Since I was a young boy, I loved playing with cars and trucks, which later turned up to be my profession, at least to some extent.

I founded my website, the MassTraveler which has a purpose to improve public transportation in our state and help us deal with daily challenges. Millions of Americans are facing traffic jams, inadequate infrastructure, and always being late for their appointments. Unfortunately, some of us depend on public transportation, and we need to have a reliable system that will meet our needs.

My page wants to help all the people who have experienced similar problems and with their experience what to improve the traffic condition in our state. If you have any suggestion, make sure to write to me. Once and month we have an open discussion where we try to solve this pressing issue.

Even though this is a complicated matter and requires deeper involvement of state officials, somehow, they all tend to neglect public transportation and focus on the construction of highways. I want to raise awareness and gather people with a similar opinion who will affect the local governments and state officials to do something about it.